Monday, July 30, 2012

James Quilligan & Charles Eisenstein speak

A message from George Por:

Hello fellow commoners,

Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics, and James Quilligan, who has recently led a highly acclaimed seminar series in London on The Emergence of Commons-based Economy, are two leading lights of "new economy" thought. They have engaged in a passionate and candid conversation on June 26, 2012, which was captured on video in 6 segments. One of them is inserted below my signature.

You can watch the rest of the series here:
Below each vid, you will find a set of questions. At the end of each post, you can share your reflections and questions about the part of their conversation that you've just watched. I would be particularly interested to read your thoughts about what are the core principles and opportunities for action that you can distill from the conversation of Charles Eisenstein and James Quilligan.

Enjoy watching and engaging with this extraordinary conversation of great portent for our common(s) future!

  • How can the role of government become protecting the commons? 
  • Given the lack of customary law at global scale, how to create legal basis for protecting the global commons? 
  • How can we restore a common sense of what belongs to all of us, at all scales?